We provide feasibility studies services to our client. This include but not limited to site evaluation, determining the suitable and appropriate renewable energy solution that best meet the need of your facility, cost-benefit analysis, including incentive programs and amortization schedule. We also provide advisory services on the renewable energy financing options available from Government and Local Authority.
  Engineering Design

We specialize in multidiscipline engineering design for renewable energy system. Our well trained engineers use cutting edge software to design and simulate renewable energy systems for optimal performance analysis. AEPAY design services include process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, advanced controls and Structural modeling and simulation.

System Installation/Commissioning

We provide delivery, integration, and installation of all individual system components. We also perform testing and performance monitoring of installed systems. During commissioning, we provide testing, adjusting and balancing services to ensure optimal system performance. A commissioning report is also issued to the client containing all record of commissioning procedures, testing results, deficiency notices and records of satisfactory correction of deficiencies.

Regulatory Compliant Services

AEPAY can provide a complete range of compliance services to our valued clients. An in-depth knowledge of energy planning and operations enable AEPAY to effectively provide support to our clients with Regulatory compliance issues. We strive to help our clients improve their relationship with regulatory agencies and reduce potential liabilities from adverse enforcement actions.

Project and Construction Management

Whether you require services in project or construction management for your renewable energy systems, you are rest assured that AEPAY will deliver. We provide responsibility for managing time, cost and scope of our client’s renewable energy project.
System Support Services

Our experienced technical team follows each project through from the initial conception to the installation and eventual end user operation. Our support staffs are experts in troubleshooting and resolving technical challenges in a professional and timely manner. We also offer system training for clients’ maintenance staff and provide complete system and component maintenance and diagnostics.